Please configure your ThermoCube 400

Your Part Number: ThermoCube 400-1D
Diaphragm pump (+) low cost, (+) very quiet, (-) cause vibration, (-) not very robust, not suitable for 24/7 operation 1D 1 lpm diaphragm pump2D 2 lpm diaphragm pump3D 3 lpm diaphragm pump
Gear pump (+) very robust, (+) little vibration, (+) high pressure head, (-) higher cost, (-) noisy 1G 1 lpm gear pump2G 2 lpm gear pump3G 3 lpm gear pump
3 lpm gear pump with reduced speed (+) low noise, (+) very robust, (+) little vibration, (+) high pressure head, (-) higher cost 3G10 gear p. reduced speed to 1 lpm3G20 gear p. reduced speed to 2 lpm
Centrifugal pump (+) quiet, (+) very robust, (+) 1C very little vibration, (++) 1CL lowest vibration, (+) low cost, (-) flow depends on system pressure 1C 1 lpm centrifugal pump1CL 1 lpm low pres. centrifugal p.
Standard, quiet and variable speed fansstandard fan 63dBAQF quiet fan 60dBAVS variable speed fan 49 dBA
JohnGuest is standard, CPC (+) easy handling, Swagelok (+) very robustJohnGuest 1/4"x1/4" bulkhead1/4" CPC shut off valve1/4" Swagelok kit
3/8" recommended when maximum flow is neededJohnGuest 3/8"x3/8" bulkhead3/8" CPC shut off valve3/8" Swagelok kit
1/4" CPC metal
Other Options
R2 - RS232 interface controllerEF - 5 micron external liquid filterAF - External air intake filter
SS - Stainless steel tank and stainless steel plumbingST - Stainless Steel tank with red hosePT - Preset control temperature (Input temp: ...°C)
LT - Low temperature < 5°C operationHT - High temperature up to 65°CDC - Dry contact alarm signal
VD - Vibration dampening material addedAR - Auto restart - softwareDI - Deionised water compatible
ThermoCube chillers utilize aluminum cold plates. If your coolant loop contains brass or copper parts you need a corrosion protection coolant suitable for copper and aluminum (available from AMS Technologies) or you may want to try an Oasis3 with copper cold plate.