Chiller selection tool for laser cooling, (microtiter) cold plates or thermal wraps

Thermoelectric and vapor compression chillers

I would like to compare all available chillers, thermoelectric and compressor based, rackmount, stand-alone, from 160 W to 11 kW nominal cooling capacity
I'm interested in a thermoelectric recirculating chiller (ideal solution for small loads, highest stability to +/-0.05°C, low noise, vibration free options), 160 to 650 W nominal, max 50 W at Delta T = 30 K
I'm interested in a mini compressor based recirculating chiller (feature stability to +/-0.1°C, high cooling capacity due to powerful mini compressors), max 950 W at Delta T = 0K, max Delta T = 35 K
I am interested in rack mount compressor based chillers, from 300 to 3500 W nominal cooling capacity
I am interested in stand alone compressor based chillers, from 0.6 to 11 kW nominal cooling capacity

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